Prince Double Bridge Tech

Prince engineers unveil the Double Bridge, the world's first and only technology to dampen both string and racquet vibration.


89-2Prince Constant Taper System and Cushion Grip System

Prince engineers unveil 2 new racquet innovations: Constant Taper System (CTS) and Cushion Grip System (CGS). Together they deliver an unprecedented combination of power, control, and comfort in the Prince CTS Approach.

Prince SYnthetic Gut with Duraflex
By adding Duraflex fibers to Prince Synthetic Gut string, engineering innovation skyrockets Prince Synthetic Gut w/ Duraflex into a galaxy of its own as the world’s #1 selling tennis string – a title it still holds today.


1989 French Open
17 year old Michael Chang defeats world #1 Ivan Lendl and becomes the youngest athlete ever to win the French Open. (Prince Original Graphite)

89 Chang