Is there a difference between a WTA/ATP Player and a League Player when it comes to the Mental and Emotional Side of the game? My husband, Dr. Bryce Young and I work with players at all levels teaching the Mental/Emotional Side! When you are out there playing USTA League matches for your team you are experiencing the same energy challenges as the Pro Players are. Even though the Pro Player is experiencing challenges on the “Big Stage” they aren’t all that different from the ones you are experiencing. To me, that is the beauty of this wonderful game of tennis. It is a game that challenges us to rise above the ordinary while bringing out the best (or worst) in us, no matter the playing stage!

One challenge I often hear from clients is “I keep losing my focus!” “My attention is all over the place!” A young junior player told me that before working with me he would, between points, turn his head one way then the other looking at players on the other courts to see what they were doing. Sound familiar?

If you want to improve your ability to focus start out with the awareness that you are energy and information. You are in charge of fueling your energy with the correct information for the situation.  Focus is simply directing your energy to where you want it to go. Where your attention/focus goes, so goes your energy. This is where your eyes play an important role. You can exude energy through your eyes. Take charge of your eyes by directing your energy through your eyes. Direct your eyes to what you want to focus on. When your eyes are focused, you are focused!  Focus is really that easy! And always, Play from Love!