"I'm part of your team"

1.  I have been a teacher of the game for almost 60 years. Today’s modern day tennis has all varieties of swings, follow-throughs, grips, and strategies.

There are and always will be a few basics that will never change.

A) Get Ready.

B) Get your racquet back…Today they say turn your hips and shoulders!

C) Move your feet and don’t think..but know that you must run after every ball.

D) We’re all nervous.. but it’s how you manage your nerves -- Exaggerate your follow-through, move your feet and take a breath. Hit the last ball over the net.
2. Once again, not only in tennis but in everything you do, do not make excuses before the match. Trying your best and accepting second place makes you unable to play for my team. You start everything you do with the attitude that you will win!
3. Take your time. There is a famous expression that Rome wasn’t built in a day. When you begin playing tennis you must understand that its one step at a time and also remember that you will miss a step or two in whatever you try to learn. Falling back a step and then coming back a little differently will make a difference. It’s all about practice and repetition. Practice and repetition.

4. No matter what level you play, you should remember that there is so much more to the game than just hitting a ball. We must all realize that mental stability can and will have an impact on everything you do. Andre Agassi said to a group of young players that the most important point is the next one. You can’t control the previous point but you can control the next point.