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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                     October 22, 2013

October 22, 2013,BORDENTOWN, NEW JERSEY – Prince (), a leading manufacturer and distributor of performance racquet sports equipment, footwear and apparel, officially announced today the release of their Fall 2013 Racquet Collections including a Classics Series and new performance models featuringtheir latest technological innovation Extreme String Pattern (ESP) Technology.

“This is an extremely important launch for Prince as it marks the beginning of a new era for the brand and especially for the Prince consumer product strategy,” said Mike Ballardie, CEO of Prince Global Sports.  “Our 2013 - 2014 racquet line will meet the needs of every player at every level. No longer will we be offering just one technology for all customers. We are listening to what the consumer wants, and this is evident not only in the Fall release but will also be followed through in the new product offerings planned for January 2014 and future seasons.”

With the Classics Series racquets, Prince is bringing back some of the most iconic, well-loved and successful racquets in tennis history – the Classic Graphite and the Classic Response. Played by legendary players such as Andre Agassi, Patrick Rafter, Michael Chang and Monica Seles, these best-selling models are designed for players looking for enhanced spin and control.  The Classic Series line will include the Classic Graphite 100, Classic Graphite 100 Longbody, Classic Graphite 107 and the Classic Response 97.

Continuing to lead product innovation in tennis, Prince will also introduce racquet models featuring a new Extreme String Pattern (ESP) Technology delivering an aggressive string pattern that is designed to provide up to 30% more spin.  The benefits of ESP will be enhanced in these racquets with the inclusion of a built-in Double Bridge vibration dampener that reduces racquet shock and string vibration, and EXO3 Technology thatprovides edge-to-edge performance and a 54% larger sweet spot.

Racquets with ESP Technology will be available in the Premier Series, designed for the ultimate in power and comfort (Premier 105 ESP and Premier 115L ESP); the Warrior Series, all-around racquets with the perfect blend of power and spin (Warrior 100L ESP and Warrior 100 ESP); and the Tour Series, ideal for players looking for more spin and control (Tour 100T ESP and Tour 98 ESP).

“Tennis is a game that is constantly changing both on and off the court. Players are stronger and more athletic than ever before and advances in product technology are critical to ensure that our products are keeping up with this player evolution,” said Tyler Herring, VP of Product Design and Development for Prince Global Sports. “With the new ESP technology, we have made a good technology great by incorporating Double Bridge and EXO3 in the frame. Players are able to hit harder, heavier and more consistent shots. And on top of that, pairing these racquets with our new strings will allow them to generate an insane amount of spin.”

Along with the ESP racquets, Prince will introduce a new string line as their racquets are now designed to take advantage of the performance benefits of using a polyester string. Tour XC (Xtra Control), is a highly durable polyester string with low friction designed to maximize string movement and snapback. For even more spin, Tour XS (Xtra Spin) has a triangular shape to maximize spin with added bite and snapback.

In addition to the racquets and strings, Prince will release two new bag collections – an updated Tour Team Collection in two new colors and a retro inspired Classics Collection that will compliment the Classics Series racquets. The Tour Team Collection will be available in iconic Prince green or red, in a 12, 9 or 6 pack, as well as a backpack, while the Classics Collection bag silhouettes will include a racquet bag, circle duffle, and messenger bag.

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Prince Global Sports, LLC, is a leading court sports company with a focused commitment to research and development and game-changing product innovations. The company is widely recognized as being the first to market with many of the most relevant technologies of the past 40 years. Oversize and Longbody technology, the first multifilament string, the first “Natural Foot Shape” tennis shoe and EXO3 and ESP technology, are a few of the contributions Prince has made to racquet sports. Today, the Company engineers products in all categories including Racquets, Footwear, Balls, Strings, Grips, Bags, Machines, Apparel and Accessories. Prince Global Sports is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Athletic Brands Holding Company with offices in USA, UK, France, Holland, Germany and Taiwan. Learn more information at and